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so uh... I guess Harry Potter for my b-day is out of the question tonight... the 2 people i really want to go with can't. :'(
my phone's dead... i'll call whoever needs my phone :)

is it me?

How hard is it for people to forgive? Is it so hard to see the reasons why you liked them? My vision has been very clouded lately by the plethora of issues going on. I move too fast, I don't move fast enough, yes, no, don't do that, you shoulve done that....

It goes on and on. It seems that I'm always either too much or not enough for the people around me. So far I've heard not enough more often than not and it really makes me reevaluate myself. One of my exes still loves me yet has a rather evil way of showing it. My family's deteriorating faster than I could expect.

I'm used to being the one everyone comes to for advice or a shoulder to cry on. I like that feeling. I like helping my friends out but now I'm starting to think if help is really what I'm doing for them...
iPhone 3.0 is available as of June 17th! /fallsinlove

joose and breath

Dear You,

Ya te he dicho todo lo que he querido decirte. Cual es el punto de cansancio por el que tienes que pasar para veas que te vas a deshacer de mi? Ya vi que reemplasaste lo que ya no tengo y ha llegado al punto que me duele pensar en lo que puede pasar.

Que mas hay de saber? Ya para que? Para que nos vamos a seguir poniendo en estas situaciones que seriamente ni valen nada. Dices que te importo y que me quieres pero yo no te creo. No son tus palabras, son tus acciones.

Seriamente creo que me mori un poco mas ayer pero valio la pena. Al fin vi que algo te importa aunque haya sido de tu conveniencia. No me importa porque a mi me da lo mismo. Solo otro hombre que va y viene en mi vida. Por lo menos tu me vistes cambiar que es mas de lo que los otros pueden decir.




I just got a phone call that one of my best friends passed away in Iraq.

This is number 13 that I have personally lost.

RIP men, I hope to see you again one day.

P.S. A president with so much blood on his hands should either depose or be killed.

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Friends only...

It's not that I don't trust you....

It's that I wanna get to know you....

add me


So it's about time there's an LJ app for iPhone. This means I'll post more frequently! :-)

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